client /server programming made easy

Dear All,

I am new to Axapta ,reight now i am in learning position.

I want to know what it mean and how to do the client /server programming in Axapta 3.0.




i guess you meant Ax development in 2tier environment. this is client/server model.

where did you get this word?

In general, client server programming is somethign special, although no longer anything new. Navision was the first Cleint Server accounting solution out there, and Concorde (Axapta as you guys now call it) was very quick to copy.

What makes Cleint Server different ot Server based solutions, or three tier solutions, is that there is an importnat balance you need to understand betweeen the poswer of the client, the network traffic, and over all system performance.

In Client Server programming, you are relying on the fact that the client has all the power, and allt he data it needs to do all the comutations. All the server is doing, is locating the correct data, and managing it between the client and the database.

When you are learning client server programming, you are learning how to minimize the amount of netweork traffic, by sorting and firltering on the server correctly to get the minimum data transfered. You are also coding in a way that trys to wrok with data you alreay have int he cleint, before you go to get new data. And most importantly you are always thinking “my tass is not important, I must make sure I don’t overlaod other users” this is what really makes for successful cleint server develoment.
Of course these days developers don’t study network and packet theory at all, its all “someone elses proble”, so if your cleint server applcation is slow, then rather than fix it, the developer can just blame the network admin for having a slow network.

Cleint Server technology is important to learn and is a must have skill set for Dynamics Developers.