Client Monitor: SQL Status ?


in my Client Monitor result i have some lines with column SQL Status filled with “Cached”.

What does this mean? Some “cached” lines have an elapsed time > 15ms. Is there a configuration parameter to optimize this? Perhaps DBMS Cache (actual it is 100.000 KB)!

Thanks for Help!

Best Regards, Florian

Cached means the record was found in memory rather than visiting the SQL table (there are many types of in-memory caches but this indicates one of them was used). Also, the status of records that are not found is also cached. This is nothing to do with the DBMS cache, which is not used for SQL at all.

The reason that cached entries can still have an ellapsed time is simply the margin of accuracy that the client monitor provides, since time is taken to log entries to the clinet monitor itself, independently of the actual activity being logged.