client error logon

Dear all,

I have installed dynamics ax client in windows xp professional. But it give connection with aos can’t be established. The firewall is turn off,is there any suggestion?


Posman Krismanto

Hi Posman,

it seems Ax client service not started.u just go to the services in ur system and check for Dynamics AX service.if it is not started make start the service.


There could be many possible reasons -

  1. The AX Client configuration utility may have incorrect AOS details
  2. The AOS server may not be running
  3. There may be some network issue which affects the port in which AOS has been configured

To resolve this issue, you may want to start checking entries in Client machine’s Event viewer.

Also please search this forum for solution to this problem. This issue was discussed many times before.

Thanks For more info Harish