Click on right context Menu on the fields ?


when I right click a field in the form a popup menu appears and I choose Gone to the main table form I would like to give me permission to insert a record with the field selected in the last form when I clicked right ?

some one can help me ?

Hi Hakim,

Could u explain me some more detail…

ok i eplain


when you are in custtable from you click on payments you have account bank field when you right click this field and choose go to the main table

its open a form CustBankAccount and give you field of custtable.custAccount in the CustBankAccount.CustAccount and the form is in insertwe can inseert and validate data so how i can do this in another form that i create ?

it is coming by the mechanism of EDT Relation.see the form properties

but i do the EDT relation and don’t give the good result when I right click the field ,