Click a button from another page

Hi Everyone,

I need click a button from another page.

Example: I want click Capable to Promise button on Order Promising Lines (99000959) from Sales Order List (9305) page

Any Suggestion ?

Used: Nav 2013, RTC

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What are you trying to do and why?

Thank you for your interest,

I want Capability to Promise function on selected sales order. I added a field on sales order for want to chose order and showing a another page. User click a button doing capability for selected orders.

Can i do this ?

(Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile: )

OK we done it,

My mentor (Mrs. ÖGE) help me and we done it like this;

ReqLine.SETCURRENTKEY(“Order Promising ID”,“Order Promising Line ID”,“Order Promising Line No.”);
ReqLine.SETRANGE(“Order Promising ID”,CrntSourceID);
ReqLine.MODIFYALL(“Accept Action Message”,TRUE);

Thank you for every one

See you