Cleints Memory Low Errors

We recently upgraded from 2.60 to 3.60. Since the upgrade we are getting “Memory low” messages on most workstations. We have to reboot to clear this problem… Any idea on how to control the attain client to resolve this. many of the system has 256 or more RAM. Thanks

I resolved this by increasing my virtual memory (XP)

Thanks, we can try that. We seem to only have this issue on our 98 Boxes. 2000 & Xp are running fine

This is known issue. Attain 3.6 Doesn’t support win 98 Client, so they will not Fix this problem.

Hopefully you do not have alot of Win 98 systems because I’m feeling upgrade in your future. As someone who works on many pc’s, nothing felt better than fdisk-ing and getting rid of Win98.


This is known issue. Attain 3.6 Doesn’t support win 98 Client, so they will not Fix this problem.

Are you really sure?? I have several versions of Attain (3.00 up to 3.60) installed locally on my Win98 SE box and no problem at all. Saludos Nils

For more detail You could see on Partnerguide about that issue with request No. DE-392-85-29Q5, Attain 3.6 Only support windows 98 se with Build no. 4.10.2222A.

Well, this is Windows 98 nevertheless, and there is no difference in memory management between Win98 versions.

Hi Robert, Navison 3.60 runs on 98, its just that it is not really supported. I have seen a lot of 98 problems. Jeff, if you have a lot of 98 clients, then I would suggest to try Terminal Server or Citrix. As a solution.

Thanks for all of the messages. I have checked the build and it is up to date. The only thing that has help a little is setting the objectcache=2048 setting when the client starts. It has not completely resolved the issue. We also have printing problems from time to time, especially in the post and print functions of sales orders. basically they post but never print… Any idea on that? Thanks again

We had a post and not print issue also. Our software provider gave us a hotfix which solved the problem.