Clearing Data in a company in AX 2009

You forgot to add the content of your question, such as an explanation of what you’re trying to achieve and what problem you have with it. Please fix it.

1- go to AOT
2-open the classes
3-search on SysDatabaseTransDelete class
4- right click on the this class
5-choose open
6-click yes on the message box appear to you
7-info will appear to you "operation completed"

This will delete all the transaction inside any company.

Dear Martin,

Thanks for that. I did write but somehow it never posted on the forum.

Here goes:

I have tried to clear data in a company in AX using AOT using the class Action SysDatabaseTransDelete. But after running the above command, I still find there are transaction left in the Fixed Asset Register. All other transactions are cleared.

I was wondering if there is a way to clear the Fixed Asset transactions.

Thanks in advance.


Do you mean the AssetTrans table? If so it is a transaction table, so the class should also delete the records (i dont even see any aos validation during the delete).