Cleaning out test database

Hello Our company is still in the early stages of implementing Navision and is still in the testing phase. We are trying to clear out the information, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders, in our practice company without loosing any setup information and customization which took us forever to complete. We are having trouble deleting the last few Sales Orders which give us the error message that they are associated with a PO and therefore cannot be deleted. Any help we can get to clear out this information would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, As you are an end-user, the solution relevant for you is to delete the P.O’s first and then Sales Orders. Then you shouldn’t get an error. If you have access to designer(Tables) then you can handle it another way by commenting the relevant code or changing properties. The third solution is as you are in early stages of implementation, i assume that your NSC is still working with you. They can help you easily. Regards[8D]

Hi Andrew! We had similar problems when (re-)starting with our solution … We did it in 2 different ways:
Option 1- Check for Tables, that are containing records (“File - Database - Information - Tables”)

  • Write a codeunit, declaring all these tables as Record-variables (except those, which contain setup-data!!!) and DELETE [}:)] them (without running the DELETE-Trigger
  • Check the result in “Database - Information”!
  • After that, Reset the NoSeries-Config … and voila!
    This is a quite brutal method, you need exactly to know what you are deleting, otherwise you could wreck the whole system … but it’s fast and - if done right - safe!Option 2- Create a Dataport (or many) with all those records you want to save
  • Export the Data
  • Delete/Re-Create the Company
  • Import the Data
    This is a “soft” method, but slower … and could also be a bit “tricky” (CharSet-Conversion, Special-Chars, Images, etc.) … So, it depends on the amount and kind of data you need to save or not … [:p] In every case: BACKUP before clearing [;)] Regards, Jörg

And of course do remember to take a backup next time you finish the set up and start making transactions again! Just in case you want to start all over!!