Clean up Docker images on Azure

We have a challenge and look for a “simple” solution.

For 365BC we run an Azure development server where we are installing (pulling) different Docker-images.

We are not docker-experts, not even close……!

so please bear with us. We are a bit lost.

We now observe, that we have run out of disc space.

We are trying to use the command


and apparently it removes some thing (Desktop-shortcuts etc.) but doesn’t clean up as expected.

I find that all disk space use is in:


where there are lots and lots of folders.

Trying to search for some cleanup procedure I find different blogs about the issue

(talking about docker system prune etc).

but all blogs are rather generic and seems to end with

“at your own risk”

“take backup”

“everything are removed if the command is not compatible with your system” etc.

Is there a few simple commands, that we can use for cleanup and releasing disk space

without the risk of “crashing” the entire server ?


Remove-NAVcontainer does only remove your container and not the images that you have pulled. So Yes Docker system prune is the way to do it… and ofcourse it does give you warnings.

But really, if you are doing stuff like this in a “live” enviroment, why dont you just try to install docker locally and get a few images and try to do what you have googled/binged??

A simple google could also give you this link: