classic web services

Hi Folks.

Is it possible to post a sale transaction from store POS (store on Nav 3.70 classic) to our Head Office (HO Nav 2009 classic) via web services.

I’ve searched the forum but haven’t quite found my answer.

Many Thanks

Hi if you are using an addon , you should check that in detail.

Otherwise you can program it , but you’ll need to write the glue on 3.7 . to Call a WS on the 2009.

But you need the app server (web services) or program a custom layer for that.


if you are using LS retial… you can still use data director to connect… but WS may not allow you to connect well.



Yes I am using LS Retail.

so are you suggesting to use DD instead of web service


I’m not using an addon.

so are saying to do my code on the back-office(store)?

LS Retai is an addon !

:slight_smile: . I was thinking you are on LS Retail. They have means to deal with this !


sorry , misunderstood…

I’ll trace some info from LS Retail

LS retial has the inbuilt data director… that is just a setup which you need to transfer the table …

it has the

from database , to database

from company to company

from table id , to table id

from field id to field id

tiem interval for data transfer and validity for all week days etc…

once u setup ls retail will take care of this…

that is very easy than… Dusky web service… contact your ls retail support…

they will help you and get this work for u in 30 mins…

Good luck!