classic report with alternate footers


is it possible to use 2 different footers in a classic report with different layout, where one footer is shown if a certain condition is fullfilled and the second if the condition is not fullfilled? i develeoped it using currreport.showoutput and in general it works, but the problem is, that both footers are always rendered (the invisible footer is rendered as empty space), means the report reservers the needed space for the invisible footer. so an unwanted second page is printed. is there any solution for that?

Hi Jonathan,
I have been trying to think about this for a long time. And I’m almost sure that I’ve done it before (I did work with the classic client since 1995 - but really haven’t used it much the last 5 years).
And I don’t recall having the issue you describe. I just can’t remember exactly how to do it. [mention:facd1c39e088429db490237bf8d2779f:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] maybe you can remember this?

We have this working in Classic for alternative headers so you can do this and we did it via CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT as you have. So the obvious question - are you rules mutually exclusive? So only 1 section in your footer will show.