Classic Client - Authorization

Hello All,

I am working on NAV 5.0. I have installed Classic client on two machines (Two Domain account)

One machine, I want to use for development where I want to access Object Designer.

Whereas second machine I want to use as pure client. (NO Object Designer and development related options).

Can anybody please tell me how to achieve this.


Why do you want to do so?

This can be done, based on USER (Log-in ID) and not specific to machine.

Make another user in the database (Tools> Security >> Database Login, if you are using SQL Server, then you need to create the user in SQL Server, using SQL Server Management Studio) and assign him ALL and SUPERDATA roles.

Otherwise if you want to make machine specific, then use Window Authentication and again assign ALL and SUPERDATA roles .

Hi Dhan Raj,

I actually want to make it user specific and not machine specific.

I want to check, if we dont have RTC then we have to use classic client(for end user also). Then in that case I dont want to show Object designer and development related option to that user.

I have added two windows domain user and sync. users.

Can you tell me which role i need to give to user, so that all development related option will be not visible to him.


assign ALL and SUPERDATA roles .

Assign two roles: