Class InventCostProdIndirectData

Dear experts,

When I post my production picking list AX2012 and it appears below message:

Function InventCostProdIndirectData::inventTrans2ProdTransRefType has been incorrectly called. Journal is not posted and the update is canceled.

I breakpoint the class InventCostProdIndirectData method inventTrans2ProdTransRefTyp and system shows that the invenTransType is Sales, hence it throw the error message. I have check the setup in item detail, route and BOM and it seem fine, just curious when system return the inventTransType = Sales? Anyone encounter this issue?



Looks like a bug(have seen similar error which got fixed, not sure about the KB), search in partner/customer source for a related hot-fix.


Were you able to figure out a solution to this problem. We are having the same issue.

  • Will


I amended the method with additional InventTransType::Sales: in the second case, it may not be the best solution but at least it works until now.