hi everybody,

I am going through the installation and configuration pdf.

I am having some clarifications from the following paras.

  1. “The standard client (32-bit) requires a LAN speed connection to the Database server”.

What is 32-bit above ?

  1. When you start Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Server, it opens a predefined database and executes the C/AL code in a predefined codeunit.

What is C/AL code like ? (VB ?)

  1. You can also install the SQL Server Option for Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a stand-alone installation. To do this, store the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database on an instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 that is already installed on your computer,

Is Microsoft Dynamics NAV database a proprietary database of previous navition?



  1. The client is programmed using 32-bit code to be used on (at least) 32-bit operating systems.

  2. C/AL is the programming language used for programming the ERP-application. It looks a bit like Pascal.

  3. Navision has its own DB. But it can also be run on SQLserver.