Citrix XP Win 2k Navision Install fails

We bought a new Citrix server Win 2000 Citrix XP, and can’t seem to get the Navision SQL client 3.10 installed on it. It goes as far as pointing to the database,then backs out of the install. We have done many upgrades and installs on our old Citrix server which is NT 4.0 and Citrix 1.8, and it works fine with 3.10. Our VAR has been trying, and can’t seem to get it installed either. We know the Citrix server connects to the SQL server, because we have a small Citrix SQL database set up for user id information, and that works fine. What could we be missing? Is Navision compatible with Citrix XP?

You need a special installation script for this. Your VAR can get this from Microsoft together with instructions //Lars