Hi, Can anyone tell me, what is the Bandwidth Requirement for running Citric/WTS from a remore Location. I have a client who needs this information so that he can take some decision about the connectivity.

Hello Vishal, There are a lot of variables here, for example, resolution, colour depth, saturation and speed of connection. If I were to use a 56k modem and dial in and use a remote citrix connnection I would say using it is reasonable (assuming 800 x 600 x 16 colours). It only becomes unreasonable if the user starts transferring large files to/from the server. Both Citrix and RDP (Terminal Server) do good jobs at compressing information, but I still don’t have a clue about bandwidth usage. I hope this is of some help! Yonis

Hi Yonis, Thanx for the Reply. Lets take a scenario, Resolution: 800 x 600 x 256 colors. The users are working on Navision & doing normal Sales, Purchase, Inventory & GL Transactions (Lets suppose not doing any batch JOB). What would be the minimal (or Recommended) Bandwidth & the Connection type. Vishal

Hi! I have clients working with terminal services and they have 128 kbps bandwith (on GPRS technology, if i remember well) on both computers (the client and the server, their are using a VPN over a public communication network). I think you should suggest at least 128, but with 256 kbps it will surely “fly”. You must also consider that if they use a vpn they will need more bandwith for the server node if there are several locations connecting to that node (with 3 or 4 locations, the minimum is 128 kbps per location and 256 kbps per server node).

I personally tested WTS from some old areas of NYC :wink: works OK (18kbps was the slowest speed I have ever seen for dial up line in the USA) 56kbps is better and sure thing the more bandwith you have the better it gets. 256kbps is almost like sitting in the office) we have 50 office all accross the USA and users are generally happy the box for WTS server cost us $350.00 (and it was new)

We work with Citrix and Navision Financials 201b on ADSL 512/512 between Denmark (server+ workstations) Norway and Sweden and it works like a dream. For the fun of it I have tested a IrDa portable PC to a Nokia Phone (9600 kbs) and it takes it time but you can actually make Navision show data and if you have patience it can work this way from Siberia (I guess)

Our costomers are also using ISDN connections (64K/128K) from severeal sites to connect to server. Usually 1-2 users are working on this connections. They use Citrix.