Citrix startup problem

Hi Guys hope you can help me with this one. Situation as it is We use Navision Client 3.60 with Citrix XP 1.0. When a client connects there is a .zup file created in a user folder where Navision stores all the user settings. the start command to create this file is start /max C:\Progra~1\Navisi~1\Client\finsql.exe servername=sqlserver,database=Navision database,ntauthentication=1,nettype=tcp,temppath=c:\users%username%,id=c:\users%username%%username%.zup When i run this command on the citrix console in a start.bat file the Navision client starts and creates a %username%.zup file, when i start it trough Citrix (ICA) Navision creates a zup.zup file in stead of a file. The problem with this is that a user cannot change his language settings in Navision. If they do change it they get an error the next time they start Navision Client Option Yes not allowed, Ja/Nee (Language is Dutch)is allowed. I hope somebody can help me fix this problem. Regards, Levent

If I rememeber well, it has to do with rights. Try changing the rights in the Navision program Folder. User should be able to write there.

I even tested with a Domain Admin account who has Full Control on the program files directory. So that won’t help i’m afraid. Hope you have another tip for me.