Citrix Performance

Hi All,

My client is using Citrix to access Navision(IN Nav 4.0SP3 Ver).
While sending Mail with PDF attachment. Navision will hang for some time. If user access navision without Citrix then its working fine.
Can any one suggest me how to improve the performance of Citrix by which navision will not hang.



What do you mean? Are you sending mail from Navision with PDF?

I would check if the PDF mail function is using a local directory for storing temporary files. That could really slow down the process.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for reply

Yes, I am sending mail from Navsiion with PDF attachment.

My client use citrix web interface to access Navision server. Citrix and Navision are on different server.

I am creating PDF and it save in Citrix server local drive, due to which process will get slow.

if i am using same process in my local Database, its working fine.



Ofcourse the it will be delay, because its goes to citrix server and coming back to local system.

My guess is that you are using your locally installed PDF printer driver to print it to. Try instead to install the PDF printer driver directly on the Citrix server.