CItrix & Navision

We are about to begin installing Navision 3.60, CSide version for 120 users. The database server is Compaq ProLiant ML370 2.4Ghz, 2GB RAM, 128Mb controller cache, two 36GB RAID1 arrays, 1Gb NIC, Windows2003 Because we have mainly thin client devices (no PCs!) on the network we are using Citrix XPa. I was going to put in 3 client servers with the following spec Compaq DL380, 2 x 2.8Ghz, 3Gb RAM, one 18Gb array, 2 x 1Gb NIC, Windows 2003, Citrix XPa I was thinking about putting a 1Gb switch between the d/base and client servers. The other client server NIC goes to the existing switch. Can anybody spot the thing I’ve overlooked !!![:)] Many thanks.

Probably need more drives on the Navision server. Dont forget to make sure the Write cache is OFF on the controller.

Thanks for the reply. Can I check that I’ve understood everything else I’ve read here about this issue.[:I] I have a RAID controller with 2 channels. Channel 1 has 2 x 36Gb disks, mirrored to host NT OS & Navision app. Channel 2 has 2 x 36Gb disks, mirrored to host the database. If the database gets >5Gb, add another channel with 2 more mirrored disks and split the database across the 2 drives.

With 120 users, start with at least 2 drive pairs for the database. It really depends on how you are using Navision, but if you have CRP or dimensions or anything else that is transaction instensive, then you may need more drives.