Citrix Navision Remote Connection

I need assistance. Here are two interwoven questions.

Since our former System Administrator suddenly left the company I’ve had to quickly learn a few basics. At home I use Citrix Program Neighborhood using the ICA to connect to our company as Administrator. Recently a worker indicated that with the upcoming surgery she would want to work at home, on Navision. Could I set her up?

Here’s the short version, remotely, working to get a ‘Applications Desktop, working. Whatever I have done in all efforts to publish the application using the button ‘Published Application’ on the ICA Connection page in all instances this has failed. I went through Application Set Manager a few times to see if another approach would work. Nothing produced the results I was anticipating. I thought there would be a difference between Server Connection and Publish Applications.

Finally, after abandoning all attempt to ‘publish’ the Navision desktop I concentrated my efforts on the ‘Server’ aspect of the ICA connection interface. Finally I got to the Navision login screen. Here’s what I did:

On Connection

I entered WAN. For the ‘Server’ I entered our onsite Server Ip address.

Network Protocal: TCP/IP

Server Group: Primary

Address list: Auto Locate.

Than Unchecked ’ to use Custom Default’

Firewall: Use Alternate

Logon Information:

And this is odd -I can use either ‘Local User’ or ‘User Specified Credentials’ to enter the Server log in screen and than I’m taken to the Navision login screen.

What worked in all these efforts was entering in “Applications” this string information:

“C:\Program Files\Navision Financials\fin.exe” servername=company-pdc,nettype=tcp,id=c:\home%username%

Now when I click on the ICA icon the Server logon screen will appear. Whatever user name and password I type in ( my remote test environment) immediately I am taken into the Navision Login screen. I can login with any user using their username and their password to begin the Navision session. So far so good.

Why I write out this long scenario is that I thought I needed to setup ICA to access Navision, remotely, using “Published Applications.” That never did work out. If I use ‘Server’ and in the Application area entered the C:\Program *** string the login worked perfectly?

Here’s the second part of this scenario. If I exit the session and attempt to login again I get this message:

The System cannot find the specified file. (“C:\Program Files\Navision Financials\fin.exe” servername=company-pdc,nettype=tcp,id=c:\home%username%)

To fix this, in an article I just read, the writer stated I needed to log on as Administrator. Go to the file 'applications and settings\user\temp and create a folder named ’ 4 '. This fixed the problem! However, if I exit the Navision / Citrix session and attempt to log in again I would get ‘cannot find specified file’ message.

I had to login as Administrator go return o the user temp folder. The freshly created ‘ 4 folder would be missing. I needed to create a new ‘ 4 ‘ folder once again in \temp. Once I repeated this routine I was allowed an unblemished login to a Navision session. If I could get the temp ’ 4 ’ folder to stick that may solve any future problems.

I had to test all this out before I go to the ailing workers home to setup Navision. However, it’s a little troubling trying to figure out why I need to keep creating a temp ‘ 4 ‘ to keep the user connection?

Thanks for indulging this message. A true beginner!

Charlie M