Citrix Issues w/ NAV

Just rolled out Citrix for users. Entering a new sales order in NAV. Can paste a Product # in the Product # field which does a look-up of that number, and can select the number. When using Citrix, and trying to look-up the Product #, unable to do so. Has anyone had any experience with this type of issue in NAV while running over Citrix? Thanks


Citirx is used to access NAV through web interface, it’ll not effect NAV functionality.



Unfortunately, this is not the case. When accessing NAV via Citrix, that look-up functionality does not work. When accessing NAV directly, without going through Citrix, that same look-up functionality works perfectly.

make it sure , citrix server , functions working correct or not, if its working should work in Client Also, check it in citrix server itself.