Citrix Issue !

Hi, Just wanted to know if any of you have experienced this situation Environment : Citrix ICA Version : 3.10 50 Users We were upgrading to Version 3.60 from 3.10, which required both versions to be installed on the server for testing and compliance. However when the installation for the 3.60 version is done using the Citrix client, into the server,without actually uninstalling 3.10, the installation rolls back without completion giving an error message. This happens when the version 3.60 is installed separately into a new folder without actually overriding the 3.10 installation (which is very much possible in Navision) However when the installation is carried out directly into the server without using the Citrix client, the installation is successful and both versions can run simoultaneously. Does this mean that the Citrix ICA protocol does not support multiple versions of Navision to be installed simoultaneously ??

You need a special installation script for Citrix/WTS. Contact Your NTR Before installing 3.60 with this script You should uninstall 3.10. //Lars

Also once you have installed 3.60, you can just recopy the 3.10 files back where they were, and 3.10 will continue to work. The 3.60 registry settings seem to be fine with 3.10.