Citrix and Print Preview

I have a customer who is having trouble with print preview when connecting through Citrix. Whenever they click the Preview button they get the message “You cannot print to .”. The configuration is Citrix Metaframe 1.8, NT Terminal Server 4.0, and Navision 2.00B. Any help would be appreciated.

Does that user have any printers in the Citriz environment? Earlier versions of Navision left that message when there where no printer installed.

1 Install the end users default printer 2 Locate a COMBINED W2K_NT40 printer driver for end users printer 3 Install printer on LPR 1 on Citrix MF 4 No to print testpage 5 Delete the printer on Citrix MF 6 Restart end users Citris session 7 the printer in now installed and ready for use Nb All new drivers made for W2K are TSE certified iff you get hold of the combined W2K_NT40 driver you will have no problems ionstalling printers.