Citrix and Navision

Hello Folks, Have anyone have made experience in Remote Access via Citrix and Navision, how ate the prices and the Hardware costs. And what for hardware you need to use it ? Thanks Alex

Well, that all depends on whether users will run other applications, on how many users there will be, and even on which parts of Navision are most popular. For example, are we going to have 20 manangers reviewing the G/L or 20 Order Entry folks posting a new order every minute? Generally, there is no single answer for hardware required. Today, it is generally possible to put at least 512MB of RAM in a 600Mhz machine or more machine for less than $5,000 USD (at least in the US). This machine will do well for at least five users… maybe even for 20. Citrix has some good advice on scaling installations. Generally the Navision client is a “light” application. You may want to read “Citrix ICA & Server Based Computing: Elements of Performance.” The pdf for this report can be found at Jim Hollcraft aka Skater Unauthorized Navision News Link Edited by - Jim Hollcraft on 6/8/00 4:15:19 PM

Alex If we have had to provide an NT licence, we have never sold a normal NT licence for a Navision implementation - all have been Terminal Server + Metaframe. Some of our clients are on normal NT though. The biggest Metaframe site we have currently is running 50 users on a Siemens 470 with Dual PIII 550s and 2Gb RAM, and there is another 470 with Dual PIIIs with 768Mb RAM serving the C/SIDE database. Generally, we can get 25 users per processor and we spec up to 1Gb RAM per processor on the Metaframe side. This site is hosted at an ISP and all users of the DB are on the Metaframe box and connect to is via ISDN. Send me anymore questions you may have… Craig Craig Bradney Technical Manager Criterion Technology Pty Ltd P:+61-2-9436-0436 F:+61-2-9436-1004