Citrix and Dyanmics AX 4.0 (Client Config Files)

Hello All,

A few questions, look forward to some expert advice.

Q1: We are trying to move to a citrix environment. When you launch AX through citrix, where does it load the client configuration file from (citrix client or end user desktop) ?

I the following server-client setup for our ax environement:

client → ax application server(ax1) → ax SQL server → SAN

I also have a backup ax application server (ax2).

Q2: If ax application server (ax1) goes down, will I have to update every client config file on every desktop to connect to ax2 or will I only have to modify only the citrix client config?

Q3: Is there a way to achieve that redundancy without doing a cluster of the ax application server and achieve an automatic failover to ax2?

Thank you in advance.