Citrix alternative solution

i use for 3 weeks an alternative solution to Citrix which is called Canaveral IQ from NewMoon. It works great and is very easy to deploy. So is there somebody having some experience to share on this plateform ? Best regards,

No, but I would be eager to know more detaila about the product and is the performance better than Citrix and is it easier to manage? I am facing a lot of issues with Citrix sessions these days. Regards Amit

As far as pricing is concerned, is it much cheaper than Citrix ? How much cost the licences for Canaveral IQ. Cheers, Tarek

What i can say on the product today is : it includes in standard: - Load balancing - Access applications through IE - Seamless Windows - Share local drives - Share local printers through universal printer driver or vendor driver. It is really easier to deploy and to manage than citrix , all you need is to install one server then all other servers will be install remotely. you can deploy as many servers as you want, the user access is not by server, but concurrent users on the Team(Farm). each server can manage load balancing, each server can share applications, each server can manage IIS portal. i deploy from scratch three servers in 2 hours (installing OS and Canaveral) The cost is about 40% less than citrix. try it at, download a 30 days evaluation version.

Is it possible to use an Apple MacIntosh computer on the client-side? Regards, Gerard

For instance, only Windows client could be used. It seems that with release 2.0 there will be more clients, but … Regards,