CIL time out error in TFS build


I have set up a new build definition for my environment (AX2012 R3 CU10). I am facing "Ax client execution of “Executing CIL generation” timed out error .

I have set the time out from 60minutes to 120 in build template (which is xaml file ).

I tried launching manual CIL with my credentials in build machine and it was completed by 45 mintues.

How do I troubleshoot this issue ?



Use build server’s credentials instead of your own. You may find that it can’t log into AX or is gets stuck on the “customer experience” dialog or something like that.

45 minutes it’s still very slow; consider using better hardware if you want to run your builds often.

Yes Martin. When logged on to TFS account , I am getting Customer experience dialog.

so this should be blocking the CIL step.

would I face the same issue on executing the build again?


Correct; it should work now. Note that it can be set directly in database, in SysUserInfo.SqmEnabled field.

Thank you Martin. when I logged in with Build server credentials, I found customer experience dialog pop up.

And your blog post helped me a lot.…/

I took a back up of DB after setting the field and used the same for staging db. CIL is successful now.

Thanks for your suggestion,