CIL generation: Stack empty error

Hi All,

I have written below code in DP class, process method to update field in my temporary table.

update_recordSet myTmpTable

setting SalesManager = dirperson.Name

join projTable

where projTable.ProjId == myTmpTable.ProjId

join hcmWorker

where hcmWorker.recid == projTable.WorkerResponsibleSales

join dirPerson

where dirPerson.RecId == hcmWorker.Person;

I am updating some other fields using update_Recordset statement, compiled the code successfully and getting expected report output.

But when execute Full CIL/ incremental CIL the above statement is throwing an error as "CIL generation: Stack empty."

I have other update_Record set statement in the process method but those are not throwing any error, only the above statement is throwing an error.

Please guide me, what might be the wrong in the above statement.

Thanks in advance

First of all, is all your X++ compiled (without errors)?

Do you say that if you comment out the statement, CIL builds successfully?

Thank you Martin for the reply.

Yes, my code is compiling without any error. When i commented this code, CIL is generating without any errors.

With regards,

Please see this:

Basically, you are using the extended table DirPerson and the IL generation doesn’t know who the field Name is. Just use DirPartyTable instead of the DirPerson.

Thank you very much Iulian.

Issue is resolved.