Chinese / Taiwanese Localizations of Dynamics NAV (Navision)

I would like to hear what other companies have done of localizations to implement of Dynamics NAV in both China and Taiwan.

I hear different messages. Some say it’s really very very easy. And other says that it’s very complex. What are the facts?

I think Tectura has such localization in place. They bought ESG, the largest solution center in Asia, that mainly does business in the Chinese speaking countries.

I would guess it’s only complex if you don’t know the language.[:D]

Sorry I should have more precise. I’m not just talking about the language pack. Yes Tectura has this one.

But since we are running a global core, I would really like not to use the local packs directly. But just do exactly what’s needed.

I am from China. The localization package built by Tectura just includes language translation + some finance reports in goverment required format + one tax software interface. There is not too many localized funcationalities. Navision is built by European so that Chinese user needs more time to understand the system. :slight_smile:

Hi, We are working with the Tax dept of china and Ministry of fiance to develop the localisation. Some of the localisation which is there by partners are not upto our expected standard which we faced when we took it of our customer they were not very happy about it so we are investing into this and hopefully we will get our ver one out by end of Oct 2007.

Dear Sabrina,

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This sounds very interesting. I would love to hear more about more about the work you’re doing regarding this localization. What will you “pack” include?

And then I would love to hear more about you, what company you’re doing this work for? Eventually write an introduction in the Introduction Forum… [:)]

I came from china, but now I working in Australia, Nice to see you guys

Tectura 威力很大呀!![Y]