chinese character not display correctly from SQl server

My company’s Navision system recently go live ,When I use the Navision client tool the chinese characeter show correctly

But When I use SQL management studio to query dayta from it ,the chinese character shows incorrectly, and the same thing happen when

I use program to grab data from the database , I guess its something about the codepage cause this problem , the collation for the navision

DB is set to “SQL_1xCompat_CP850_CI_AS”

Is there a simple way that I can grab and disply the data correctly in my program?

Dear Kwun Hw,

What you need to notice is that NAV does not store the data in SQL using Unicode. But what you should test in the first place, is if your data will display correctly in other programs like Excel etc.


Sorry if I bother you but I have the same problem.

Did you find a solution ?

Thank you in advance.



Hi Dimitris :

I’m a little suprised to get this mail , because Ive not visited this site for a long time , OK Let’s cut the chase and back to your issue , I found that the problem is caused by the database collation problem ,and I remember that My solution is quite simple

1 use oleddb connection instead of others in your program

2 remember add " autotranslation = false " in the connection string

Because now I seldom visit this web site ; If you still have any question you can find me at

BTW: Are U a chinese ?



Yes, I did try to use your suggestion in ODBC setup which disable the auto translation and use Excel 2003 for the data extracted by using ODBC. It works.

But as I am using the SQL server management studio to get the result and I am not sure of where I can set the auto translation to false.

Would you advance me how to solve it in SQL server Management studio as I could not find of where to turn it off?

I am using SQL 2008, database collation is Latin1GeneralCP1_C1_AS

Many Thanks,