Chinese and english in RTC reports

Dear all,

I’ve got a problem with the creation of publishing reports in RTC mode that contains Chinese and English.

I work with Chinese people, that have all the Chinese languages requested on their server and computer. We have the language modules developped by Tectura for Navision. We work on the 2009 SP1. The end-users will work with the RTC.

We publish reports that we modify in Classical Mode and where we delete the layout. So we don’t use visual studio, the reports are like they where in classical mode. In the report, all the informations are in English, the application is in english too. But we want to add labels in the reports that are in Chinese. As soon as we do that, it doesn’t work anymore in the RTC mode. It’s ok when we open the preview in classical mode, but in RTC, we have an error “METADA INVALID”. We have read that we should change the police to “Arial”, what we did but it didn’t change anything.

Deos anyone know what we can do to fix this problem ?

Thanks a lot.