cheque reprint (AX 4.0) & AP with multiple journal lines

anyone …any idea if i have print cheque once then i lost the cheque…can i reprint again from the system?

beside if from AP… multiple journal lines with same voucher no. … can generate a cheque…??

Hi Erica, I worked for cheque printing in 3.0. Regarding the same functionality, I putted my question on this forum. Ideally, you should not give permission to user to print cheque twice on printer. This functionality is not in 3.0, to print cheque only once. In 4.0, as far I understood, there are 2 different options. One for only viewing the cheque on screen, u can view the cheque as many times you want. Second, is for printing cheque on printer, this happens only once.

So, if you have print a cheque(as it was printed on pre defined stationary), it should not allow to print it again.

Second question : Yes, with multiple lines with same voucher no, you can generate cheque, but some conditions, you have to check, like, should have same vendor Id, same method of payment, bank id etc.

Better to make a consolidated one with same vendors and from there you can create a cheque with multiple lines.

I hope, it will help…

hi…thanks for your reply and guidance…

you mention that able to view the cheque before printing, but in the std ax 4.0 does not have this functionality right? i try to check from my std ax 4.0 it does not have this functionality. is yours customise for the cheque viewing screen?

as for second issue, if we have all details the same, how about the offset accout? should we set to ledger or…bank account?