Cheque related issues


When I try to print the check thru check layout in AX, the word “VOID” was printed twice. How would i eliminate this “VOID”,

and also how could i import any signature image file??? , as it wasn’t getting printed on the check. And Can i include the vendor’s name & address on the cheque??? if so how??

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To avoid the VOID this has to be a properly produced cheque, not a sample, test run etc. Get an application consultant to show you a payment run and the different - VOID is only called in certaian circumstances.

The image file would be the same as the company logo file, so reference this functionality on other documents to get the general idea.

Yes you can include the vendors name and address, you need to design the output. I would suggest you go on the development training course, or ask another developer in your business, or you could wait on here, not sure how long you will be waiting though, I am not a developer so cannot help you here.

Thank u for ur valuable message.