Cheque Processing and Printing in Navision


Can anyone give me an overview of the process involved in payment by cheque and printing of cheque?

Are there any standard reports in Navision which gives a print out of a remittance attached to a cheque?

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Differentiate between your vendors by Payment Method.
Go to a payment journal
Suggest Vendor Payments for you payment method of cheques (you could do this manually).
Set the Balancing Account and Bank Payment Type Appropriately.
From the Payments button of the journal press print cheque
The cheque design will be what you design it to be - I cannot remember off the top of my head but think it has does not have a remittance in the top, so you print a separate one or design it in.

The standard check report in the US is Report ID#1401 it does have a setlement section. There are several report designs floating around that are shared by US companies, for different styles like stub/check/stub and MICR prinitng.

You need to set the check report number in bank report section and when you do the suggest vendor payment/or manually enter the payment journal line be sure to select computer check.