Checks are entered as a GJ with ledger account type - how to fix AX 2012?

Hello, we were inputting the checks manually into AX 2012. While entering the checks (recently transitioned to AX 2012), my accountant has entered the General Journal entry with Ledger account type instead of choosing ‘Bank Type’.

Here, he set the ledger account (for e.g. “Visa pay” or “loan payment” ) and set the "Bank Account say “Chase bank a/c 1000”. So it is appearing on the General Ledger, but not on the Bank Reconciliation.

There are number entries we made. How could we fix this?

Appreciate your help.

These transactions are posted to different tables Bank Transaciton and Ledger transactions. Bank Reconciliation is done with the Bank Transactions only and Ledger Transactions has no role in this process. You cannot do anything to these transactions.

The only way is to reverse these transactions and pass new transactions with proper Bank Account

Hi Patrick,

Try the following:

Reverse transaction :Go to the customer account where the check was wrongly entered. Go to customer tab “Transactions” button on top of the customer account to open transactions form. In the transaction form select the wrong transaction by “Voucher No.” entered then go to the top press “Cancel Payment” button then give reason for cancellation and press “OK”. It will reverse in customer master and in General ledger too.

Hope this helps!

Shantanoo, Barry-Wehmiller International Resources