Checking of XSD-File against XML

Hallo anyone, have a hard problem. I must check / verify a XSD-schema against a XML-File. Until now my code looks like this: IF ISCLEAR (XMLDoc) THEN CREATE (XMLDoc); IF ISCLEAR (XMLSchema) THEN CREATE (XMLSchema); XMLDoc.async := FALSE; XMLDoc.validateOnParse := FALSE; XMLSchema.add (‘test’, ‘C:\xml_files\RevenueImport_extended.xsd’); XMLSchema.add (‘test’, ‘C:/xml_files/guid.xsd’); XMLDoc.schemas := XMLSchema; XMLDoc.load (‘C:\xml_files\error_sample.xml’); XMLError := XMLDoc.validate; IF XMLError.errorCode <> 0 THEN ERROR (STRSUBSTNO (’%1’, XMLError.reason)) ELSE MESSAGE (‘OK’); Variables: XMLDoc is Microsoft XML, v3.0’.DOMDocument30 XMLSchema is ‘Microsoft XML, v3.0’.XMLSchemaCache30 XMLError is Microsoft XML, v3.0’.IXMLDOMParseError But it doesn’t work. The problem is when add the XSD-File to XMLSchema. Maybe anyone knows a solution or a better way. Thank you in advance. Andreas, Cologne / Germany