checking navision backups...

hello all! this is my first time using this forum so please be kind :slight_smile: how do i check navision back ups? i get sent emails every day (or most days) saying that it backed up, but is there somewhere i can go to check them when i don’t get an email? thanks heaps!

The securest option if to take the backup, create a new local empty database and restore the backup. Might be a bit time intensive but you can be sure that the backup works fine. I don’t know if there are any special tools in case you happen to use the SQL option with the SQL backup - receiving a mail automatically will most probably be SQL… Saludos Nils

If you’re running on SQL Server then you can set a flag to verify the backup. With native NAVISION you actually need to restore the backup to be sure (as Nils said). You could use “HotCopy” also … Regards,

No matter what you want to think, nor waht you IT experts tell you. You do NOT have a backup, until you have restored it and proved that is works on a differnt machine. There are so many things that can destroy a backup, that you need to be certain. Unfortunately most companies only really learn this after their second loss. Still not sure why the first oneis not enough. Tough most companoes never have two major crashes, so maybe thats why. One of the bigges tissues s heads going out of alignments on tape drives. YES IT HAPPENS. I have seen scenarious where the IT tema are adamant that the backup is correct, since they did a verify. But they did the verify onthe same drive. ALWAYS have two drives, and make sure that the tape is able to be restored by a differnt drive on a ifernt machine. Otherwise if the tape drive fails, you may not be able to retrive the backup. I always recommend that the client once per week does a full restore of the backup, on a different machine. The machine can be a low power mchine that takes a couple of days to restore, just so long as the procdures are truely tested.