Checking field value

HI all i have a field say RSA No. How do i check if it is blank or not…

my requirement is it “RSA No” is blank it should give error message or Custom message “please fill RSA No”

The implementation depends on when you want to do the check. If you do it on table itself (e.g. in validateWrite()), just refer to this + field name (e.g. this.RsaNo). If you run the check on the form, refer to the data source name and the field name, e.g. myTable.RsaNo.


You can use Mandatory property on the field in table.

Or , You can write the code for checking if the field is empty or not in the validate method of the field in the form data source.

Example code:

public boolean validateWrite()
boolean ret;

ret = super();

if (Table.RSANo == “”)
ret = checkfailed (“please fill RSA No”);

return ret;