Checking Accounting Period

Hi…I have problem with Accounting Period. When a user make a transaction then post the transaction with wrong date, for example today is Dec 11,2002, and he input the posting date with Dec 11, 2001; it’s mean he makes mistake. So, In this case, I want to control how user should input such as control by Accounting Period, but I see in Navision this Accounting Period doesn’t have specific function, it can’t control the user when makes mistake. So, guys, Do you have any suggestions? I want this Accounting Period could control a transaction in one month, for example this month is December 2002 so the user can only post from 1 to 31 December 2002, after that this month have been closed, and then in a new month, January, it will begin with new period of month. Thanks

Well… why don’t you just setup the users under user setup and set the posting allowed dates on them instead of developing something already existing? Regards,

You can control on a user by user basis in user setup as suggested or can control globally by setting similar parameters in General Ledger Setup.

Usually it is easier to set up the parameters in the General Ledger Setup and then use the User Setup values to override these for your “Super-Users” who are allowed to post to prior periods.