Checking a table with a report

Hello All, Another little problem : I need to make a report that checks the completeness of all the weeknumbers for every employee in a table, if a weeknr is missing it should make a notice of this missing line in the report. I worked out the part of the report where it displays the records of the table that are nog completely filled, but how do i show the lines that do not even exist in the table? Thanks a lot for your time. Kind Regards, Robin van den Boom

Hi, Robin - just a suggestion… You could indent the integer table under the employee table and set range on number in integer table from 1 to 52 and use that one for checking the weeknumbers.

Thanks for the advice, but maybe the date table is a better option, because not every year has 52 weeks…

Yes - you’re right - just remember to set a filter on the period type (week) and the rest should be quite easy - good luck

And also remember to set a filter on the period… unless you’re wanting to do it from the begining of times to the end of world… :slight_smile: Regards Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)