checkbox 'Mandatory' for dimension 'warehouse'

Hi all,

In the storage dimension group you have a checkbox ‘Mandatory’ → If checked, the dimension ‘warehouse’ is mandatory and should be filled in for every transaction.

But the same result can be reached by checking ‘active’ and uncheck ‘Blank receipt allowed’ and ‘Blank issue allowed’ for the dimension ‘warehouse’.

So what’s the difference between both situations?

Thanks a lot!


HI Frederik,

Both are not same. Let me take small example,so that you can try and notice the difference.

For storage dimensions group X, you make both site and warehouse as active

For warehouse uncheck the “mandatory”:

Now, Create a PO & Line. when you create the line dont specify the warehouse, then system allows you to save the record.

Reason: it’s not mandatory during the order creation but you can specify it while you are receiving the stock.

For warehouse check the “mandatory”:

During the order creation, warehouse will be mandatory, you can’t save the Purchase order line without specifying the warehouse.

Let me know if you are OK now.


So the checkbox ‘Mandatory’ has only a reason during the order creation, while the checkboxes ‘blank receipt allowed’ and ‘blank issue allowed’ are meaningful during the receipt and sale of goods?

Yes you are right.

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Yes you are right.

mark the solution as “Verified” if you satisfied with the solution.