check void statement status error: bank reconciliation

I am trying to void a check that has been posted. When i try to void the check I get the error message “statement status must be open in check ledger entry no. XX”. There error is relation to the bank reconciliation.

I am using vs 5.0 US so when I do a bank reconciliation and suggest lines, you mark the lines you want to clear and the lines that aren’t to be cleared stay unmarked but you cannot delete them from the bank recon. Then you post your bank recon. and those lines now have been committed to that statment.

Therefore now when I try to void a check that wasn’t cleared but was a check line entry in a bank recon. that has been posted, the error message comes up because that check line was committed to that bank recon statement when it was posted.

Anyone know how to get around this issue or what you are suppose to do in this situation?