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Dear Everybody.

In NAV 2013. How to know how many users are online. 
In NAV 5.0 I can check form Database Information and see current sessions. But NAV 2013 I'm can't see it.

Please suggestion.

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My approach is in SQL Management Studio.
Create a query like this:


DB_NAME(dbid) as DBName,
COUNT(dbid) as NumberOfConnections,
loginame as LoginName
dbid > 0 and
DB_NAME(dbid)=‘my_NAV2013r2_DatabaseName’ --may be Case Sensitive!
dbid, loginame

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Thanks Anfinnur very much.

That query will show current sessions but may not equate to active users due to the connection pooling.

HI Dinhson,

You can created a list or card page on the table “2000000009 - Session”. Then you can find the sessions accordingly.

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Thanks Dinz but I can not find table 2000000009 - Session in database live of me. I can see table “2000000111-Session Event” and “2000000110-Active Session”

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Hi Dinhson,

I am sorry , I forget to mention that this table is hidden in dynamics NAV. When you are creating new page just give the Tabled ID as source table.

Please find the below Saurav’s blog for more information.

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Thanks Dinz