Check Reprint problem

I need to print my original checks to one printer and then print a duplicate to a different printer. I setup a second report where reprint is TRUE and inserted a second report in Report Selections. This isn’t working because the reprint increments the check number and goes through the entire process of reassigning check numbers. So if I had two checks for one vendor in my print, I get one check for that vendor in the reprint. Does anyone have any suggestions? Can I get to the operating system to set the number of copies to print to 2, and send the second copy to a different printer? Or is there something simple that I am missing?

Hi, Are you using laser or inkject printer for original check printing and duplicate on some other. For one customer I set the check printing on dot matrix printer, it printing original and duplicate simultaneously.If you want to print duplicate seprately then create a new report like check printing and remove all those codes which updates check ledger entry and bank ledgerentry.

I am using laser printer. I think the real problem that I am having is that the reprint re-calculates the check numbers instead of reprint the original calculations.