Check printing

Hi pips i’m using the standard navision report check(1401).I’m printing three cheques per page and its working fine,the problem is when i print 20 or more pages it creaps down or up and it does’nt want to stay on the block of the check.I’ve set the printer height from 9.30 to 9.33cm.I’m using the Epson EX890 printer,please help!!! this is killing me.

Sorry Siya. Configuring NAV to print on a Dot matrix printed especially on a pre-printed form (e.g. Check) is based on trial and error, and is always frustrating. Once you are armed with some report design skills, it is all based on trial and error. (You need to know how to change section size in NAV, and use footers to offset the printing to stop the paper from creaping).