Check Printing total amount of check 71139 is -136.05. The amount must be positive.

Hi all … I am facing an interesting "check printing” issue … [:|] … one of our accountants started a check run with several vendors and every vendor had few payments. Some vendors had credit memos and regular invoices. By starting the check run Navision stops with the following error message “The total amount of check 71139 is -136.05. The amount must be positive”. For that particular vendor I verified the total check amount and it is positive not negative … so this was not the issue. The second part of the issue is that even if the accountant selects the option “One Check Per Vendor Per Document No.”, it still tries to print every invoice on an individual check instead one check per vendor… [^o)] … and I guess that this is the trigger of the error message … it will not print negative checks … [:)]

Any assistance would be highly appreciated.


…for the second issue the answer lies in bold part of the abowe quote - however, this DocNo is not the Invoice No, but DocNo from Journal Line - automatically assigned Nos tend to increment by Line, check this, and if so, change manually. At least so it works in Europe, I’ve never seen NA localized Navision.

Moris … thank you for your input it helped to trouble-shoot this issue. Because of you … pointing me in the right direction … [Y] … I was able to find the problem. The user marked the check box “New Doc. Per Line” in the “Suggested Vendor Payment Batch” … Option-Tab … while selecting payments. This triggered the doc. Number increase for every line for the same vendor

Thanks again for pointing out the “Per Document No.” …[H]

Glad to see my post helped someone… but DUG exist for that