Check if resource exists in report ?

Hi there I have a table with 2 flowfields (“resource 1” and “resource 2”). I want to run a report that prints records if “resource 1” OR “resource 2” are in the range defined by the user on the request form. The way I think it should work: Pre-dataitem: - let both flowfields be autocalculated (set correct property of dataitem) - put a textbox (name: TxtUserFilter) on the request form ‘options’ tab where the user can enter the desired resourcefilter (i.e. ‘10000…19999’) - define a global recordvariable ‘Resource’ - set filter on Resource.“No.” to TxtUserFilter In Onaftergetrecord of Dataitem: - perform a GET on the filtered Resource-table to see if “Resource 1” is in the filter. Also do a GET on the filtered Resource-table to see if “Resource 2” is in the filter. If both are false, then SKIP; When I try it this way, the results of the GETS in the dataitem-onaftergetrecord always return a TRUE !!! Even when the filtered recresource consists of 0 records (i.e. 10000) the GET function returns a TRUE. What am I missing here ? Or is there a better way to solve this ? Thanks in advance gazz

Hi Gazz, Check the F1-help for the GET-command. GET always work with the primary key (not a problem here), and IGNORES filters (this is your problem). You have to use the FIND-command to work within the filter you put on Resource-table. regards Alexander