Check Generation Error in AX 2012

Hi to all,

I have a problem in generating checks in AX 2012, I am using 1 Journal with multiple Voucher, I’ve already encoded 527 vouchers, 121 of these vouchers were already generated for payment (1 check number was assigned per voucher and it was processed one by one) .

For the rest of the vouchers, I initially encountered an error (I cannot generate the check). After few days i tried it again, I selected one voucher then I generated the payment. Below were the results:

a. The check was generated but it was assigned to a different voucher number.

b. If the setup for the Check is ‘Fixed’ and if there are existing Checks with the status ‘Created’, all checks were consumed and assigned to different vouchers.

c. If the setup for the Check is ‘Free’, all remaining vouchers were processed (generated for payment).

How can I generate a check and correctly assign it to a specific voucher using 1 journal with multiple vouchers? Is the above results an AX 2012 bug?

Thank you,



If you are trying to generate check for multi line voucher, then as per AX design it doesn’t support that. This is as per design only. You need to customize for changes.