Check functionality

Hi All, Currently Im facing problem while modifying check functionality. In Navision Once u make a Journal entry with payment type as Check and Print the check, document no. becomes the check number.(Batch job used for this has no No. Series.) What our customer want is that before printing the check the number which he has used as document no. should not change after check printing,in short he wants no. series to be used for this. This Problem we have solved by using an extra field(say,BP) in Journal Line which holds the value of Document no. before check printing and asssigned No. series to this batch,also made some changes in Posting routine.Till here its working fine,but problem comes when user wants to use navigate function where instead of check no.(Which is nothing but Doc. no.) he enters BP which he has entered in document line cause of this there are no entries shown.This problem can be overcome by comparing instead of doc. no., BP which we have added in Journal Line. Is it feasible to make such chnage, which i think will require lot of changes (Doc no. to be changed to BP). Rergards, Rajesh

Hi, Look into the form Navigate(id-344).In that form you can modify the code according to your requirement.

Thanks Rajesh, i already tried this its working fine if user enters only one “doc no.” then i can internally change it to New filed that i have added and get the result but problem comes when he enters range… Also,This type of change that is to replace Document no. at all places with Newly added field would be feasible? does anyone have tried like this before,b`cause in Indian Scenarion Its seems to be a obvious requirement. Regards, Rajesh