Check for new files

I have a problem in my project,
I developed a codeunit that accesses a text file located on a directory in my desktop and do more treatments, and for that I specify the path in the code C / AL, if not I run it automatically NAS, Everything works well,
date the account is good, now I’ll specify my problem:
instead of working on a single text file, I want the treatment will be applied every time I create a new text file in this directory, In Another word, a small test at the codeunit that checks if a newtext file in this directory to execute the codeunit on it …

Create new files in your directory as filename + date…then you can get the path through C/AL code like this

Filename := ‘C:\text’ + DELCHR(Format(TODAY),’=’,’/’) + ‘.txt’;

thanks for your help, but you can tell me what that mean:
“Create new files in your directory as filename + date”, can you give me an example to understand better now “filename + date”?

Create Files Names in your directory as

test010111.txt which means test + Date(01/01/11)
test020111.txt which means test + Date(02/01/11)

you can read the same file name through CAL code as i mentioned in previous post.